Why our products are the best

Responsibly sourced.

We crafted our products to use as many organic ingredients as possible without sacrificing performance!


To us quality means taking months to work with some of the best labs in the country to custom formulate some truly one of a kind products.


Service isn't something we take lightly! We make service a art form, by working one on one with every customer every time!


Meet our team.

Sam Young

Sam Young

Founder/ product testing guinea pig.

Sam has a deep passion for going on crazy adventures and learning first hand how to be a real man. When he isn't backpacking, reading, or doing business you can often find him knee deep in broken parts trying to fix his crappy car. Join in the adventure! Subscribe below and follow him and the rest of team on Facebook and Instagram!

Caleb Young

Caleb Young

Professional amateure/ back up guinea pig.

Caleb is a ninja web designer with a background in all things geek. He specializes in saving the day in the most dramatic way possible. When he is not saving our world at DashFire you can often find him online saving the virtual world. Join him and the rest of the team by subscribing below and following on Facebook and Instagram!

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