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DashFire is a men’s skincare brand founded in 2017 in Salisbury, North Carolina to give guys the motivation, tools, and inspiration they need to become better men. We were built on the belief that every guy, if given the opportunity, can do something genuinely great with his life and that it’s our job to help him do it. It’s a fact that men who are more viewed as more attractive are paid more, have better social lives, and are more confident. That is why our Men’s Face Scrub was created. It’s a tool that your average guy can use to wash away dirt, grim, and whatever else is holding him back. To design it, we hired some of the best labs in the country to design a Men’s Face Scrub which gets the job done while sporting a traditional manly scent.

People have asked why we are named DashFire. Well, the answer is that many years ago in the days of pirates and mighty sailing vessels, the term DashFire was often used to describe a man who was a true man – strong, courageous, and daring; the sort of fearless leader that the men would follow to the very ends of the earth. Men whose bravery was seemingly mixed with a little bit of recklessness, were said to have a dash of fire running through their veins. Eventually, this term got shortened to DashFire. We believe that every man has it in him to become a DashFire man, if they try. As men, it is easy to put off for tomorrow what we know deep down we should do today. It’s easy to wait to talk to your boss about a raise, or ask out that pretty girl, or even buy some grooming product, just because it’s a little daunting. Our slogan was written for the men out there who are tired of waiting for tomorrow and today want to become a DashFire Man because for them, “It’s Time to Face the World!”

While DashFire does sell some killer men’s skincare products, we were created to do much more than that. DashFire was built to teach guys the skills they need to look better, be more confident, and become all-around better men. Every bottle has a manly quote on the side to help motivate and inspire men at the beginning of each day.

Our website, Facebook, and Instagram are all designed to give guys a community of men who are passionate about becoming better, while supplying them with easy to understand articles and pictures with information that they can use right away. Just like going to the gym for the first time, your first time using men’s skincare can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. Check out our quick beginner’s guide. If you think It’s Time to Face the World and want to join a group of guys who are daily striving to be better men, just follow our Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to join the adventure.

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