Hey there! My name is Sam, I’m in my twenties, and I still feel like a kid. Sometimes, I wish that I was a man’s man with a Tom Selleck mustache, but I can’t grow one of that magnificence. Once I tried to grow a beard, but it came in blonde, so my chin just looked a little out of focus. Other times, I dream of being a Renaissance man, a man who can work with his hands and has all sorts of hidden talents, so I could be at a party and just whip out an oboe and impress everyone. Or, if I was on a date and the moment was right, I could quote one of the great Roman poets in the original Latin, and she would be impressed, and then I could lean in close and, um….sorry, I got carried away. Anyway, my name is Sam and I’m just a normal dude. If you are a normal guy at all than we would probably get along great!

My whole life I’ve wanted to be a better man, an alpha dog, but it seemed like if I wasn’t born with it, if it wasn’t in my genetics, I would never have it. I never could identify with the jocks who just got any girl they wanted or the brainy types who never had to study, but still got A’s. Everything I have in life, I’ve worked for. I earned the jeans I’m wearing by sweating hard doing manual labor. So, when people say you’re simply what fate made you out to be, that hurts. It’s not true, though. Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t born jacked, he made himself that way. Dwane “The Rock” Johnson grew up so poor that he stole food from gas stations and yet he fought his way to the top with his hands, and that inspires me! Not the stealing, of course, but working up from nothing.

That gives me hope. What if I don’t have to be born the perfect man’s man or Renaissance man? What if that status is earned? I think it is. I earned the jeans I’m wearing, so why can’t I earn the other things in life? With this in mind, I started looking for ways to make myself a better man: I lifted weights, I went to college, I got a job. And I started grooming myself in a different way. I was on the edge about using products like skincare when I read that the Rock said in an interview that since he was only given one face, he exfoliates. Then I began researching men’s products for real. If the ROCK, one of the sexyist men alive, uses a little something on his face, maybe I thought, just maybe, I should too! Too bad. I found out I hated a lot of the stuff on the market. Everything seemed crazily overdone. One makes you smell like you’re a boy in junior high just trying to out fragrance his stank. Another smells like your grandfather. I don’t know about you, but I shower so, I don’t need to try mask an odor. I don’t think that using a body wash should be like a hanging one of those pine tree air fresheners in my jeep. There wasn’t anything for normal guys.

Okay enough with the sass, on with the story! I didn’t see much on the market that was affordable and effective at the same time. I just wanted something with a nice subtle scent, made to be healthy for my skin, and at a reasonable price. (I’m not made of money). To skip to the punch line, I did it. I created something for other guys like me, men who are working to become a better man.

The turning point was realizing that my insecurities and doubts had been running my life. I decided I was done. It was time to be a man and just go for it. It was time to face the world! Just a few years later, I am launching a men’s care brand. I decided to name it DashFire, a sailing term from the 1800s for a rare sort of man. Back then, when a man was daring and confident in the face of danger, someone might say he had a dash of fire in him. He was a DashFire Man.

Back to the origin story. I started by partnering with highly skilled product formulation specialists to fashion a unique product that does the hard work and still smells good at the end of the day. After months of testing and asking my guy friends what they liked and disliked about DashFire, I combined all of their practical advice and the skills of my ninja lab techs into one thing, a Body Wash for the average joe. From one guy who is figuring it out to another, I hope you like DashFire.

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